Change starts with imagination

The industry is constantly changing and it is so important that we, like any automotive business, continue to evolve and adapt to cater for the connected era of transportation. So, it is my absolute pleasure to introduce you to the first edition of Visions.

I am pleased to bring you something very special that we at Three6Zero have worked arduously towards bringing to life. Being an established automotive publication house, we have seen the epic transformation of the industry over the last few decades and the overwhelming potential that stands in front of us today. 

There is no doubt about it, we are in a technology revolution and the industry will continue to push exciting new innovations and ideologies into the market for years to come. This is an incredibly inspiring moment for a range of companies across a vast number of industries, tipping existing business models upside down in order to pursue success. We are now witnessing innovations such as carsharing and ridesharing that are completely changing the way we buy, sell and operate vehicles. Through this, we are already seeing the great shift into subscription-based models as the need to own a car decreases and autonomous technology becomes a reality. Connected car technology is now forcing global automotive powerhouses into changing their way of thinking and operating as innovative startups flood the scene with new mindsets that compliment urban mobility processes.

But there is something much more important than all of this. We, as multiple industries and sectors, are all involved in the most significant shift that has ever affected the the automotive world. It is important that we collaborate in order to fuel these new developments efficiently and effectively. We must also keep up to date with the latest developments that surround us, gaining knowledgeable leader insights from the automotive, transportation and technology industries. All of this is essential to working towards a cleaner, safer and smarter future. It is time for us all to change.

Alex Kreetzer - Editor

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